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Know About Merchant Navy

Life in the Merchant navy is considered a glamorous job, especially by the people that are bitten by the travel bug. It offers an opportunity to go to new and exotic places all around the globe.

Merchant Navy career isn’t only monetarily appreciated however additionally satisfying and quite challenging.

Officers in the merchant navy are employed by industrial shipping corporations to work on all types of seagoing vessels, like cruise liners, lading ships, tankers, and hovercraft. there is seniority of posts on ships however all work together in physical work. As a deck officer, you’ll be answerable for navigating the ship using progressive radar and GPS systems, observation weather reports, paying attention to broadcasts given by Her Majesty’s coastguard, and using onboard communication systems to mediate with other crew members.

Furthermore, you’ll supervise the operational responsibilities of your crew, like the loading of lading and therefore the use of machinery. Consequently, you’ll even be responsible for ensuring everyone complies with rigorous health and safety policies.

Finally, you’ll have a range of administrative and social control duties, like maintaining the ship’s log (kind of like Captain Kirk), coaching junior workers and monitoring budgets.

As an engineering officer, you’ll lead of team of on-board marine engineers who are responsible for maintaining the ship’s machinery, making repairs and overseeing the operation of propulsion, fuel and waste systems. you’ll additionally conduct inspections on a daily basis to create to make everything on the ship is functioning effectively

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